Istanbul Airport Terminal

Istanbul Airport has currently a single passenger terminal which hosts both international and domestic flights. Those flights are served thanks to the four runways that are in operation.


Note that the terminal is the largest single terminal building in the world.


Turkish Airlines serves 80% of the flights to 18 destinations: Ankara, Antalya, Ashgabat, Baku, Adana, Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, Frankfurt, Hatay, Izmir, Kuwait City, London-Gatwick, Moscow-Vnukovo, Munich, North Nicosia, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Tbilisi and Trabzon.


Other airlines are Atlas Global, Lufthansa, Air France and Onur Air.


More destinations and air carriers will be gradually incorporated. 



Present & future

In the future, Istanbul Airport will count with four passenger terminals, able to host 200 million passengers per year. Take a look at the projectfor more details!




Istanbul Airport Terminal counts with five concourses: A, B, D, F and G.

Concourse G is the one located in the southeast of the airport facilities and only serves domestic flights.


On the other hand, Concourses A, B, D and F just serves international flights.

Please note that Concourses C and E are connected to the main terminal, since they aren’t independent Concourses.



Transfer between Concourses

Given the big distances, the terminal is equipped with moving walkways.

There isn’t any mean of transportation to transfer from one pier to another, which turns to be a lot of time to transfer between flights given the enormous surface of the airport.




See the levels at Istanbul Airport Terminal:

Passengers should take into account that facilities are split into the international and the domestic sections.


- Upper Floor


- Arrivals Pier Floor

The Arrivals Hall is split into a couple of sections:

- Domestic Arrivals

- International Arrivals


- Departures Terminal Floor

Find in the Departures Hall the following sections:

- Domestic Departures

- International Departures

Please note that Departures Hall is accessible through seven entrance doors.


- Transfer Terminal Floor

Departures Pier Floor

There’s a single security check for passengers from Istanbul and a single one for transiting passengers.



Flight status

See the flight status at Istanbul Airport




Find the services displayed below at Istanbul Airport Terminal:


- Food, drink and retail concessions
- ATMs
- Baby care facilities
- Children’s play area
- Nursing rooms
- Luggage storage
- Luggage wrapping
- Pharmacy
- Showers (in the lounges)
- Prayer room
- Lounges
- Duty free stores
- Meeting point
- Toilets
- Car rentals
- Information desks
- Currency exchange
- Lost and found
- Smoking area
- Free Wi-Fi


See more Services at Istanbul Airport




There are currently a couple of hotels within the airport facilities called Yotel Air. One is located in airside whilst the other one in landside.




IGA Lounge: Location: International Terminal, Airside, after passport control. Access fee: €59.00.


Turkish Airlines Lounge Domestic: Location: Domestic Terminal, Landside.

Services: Console games, children’s playground, meeting rooms.


Turkish Airlines Lounge Miles & Smiles: Location: International Terminal, Airside.

Services: Suites, showers, food and drink, cinema, console gaming, children’s playground.


Turkish Airlines Lounge Business: Location: International Departures level.

Services: Museum, showers, couches, food and drink, console gaming and children’s play area.