Services at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport is equipped with a wide selection of amenities and services able to accommodate passengers’ prior boarding their flight.


To know more about Istanbul Airport, please see the information displayed below:  



ATMs can be found at both Arrivals level, International and Domestic, and at Departures, International and Domestic.



Prayer Rooms

Find 44 prayer rooms distributed along Istanbul Airport facilities. Half of them serves men and the other half women.
Please note that there is going to be a mosque soon with capacity for 6,000 people.


Baby care rooms

Baby care rooms can be found throughout the airport facilities.  




There are a couple of pharmacies available at Istanbul Airport, both are located at the International Terminal.  



Playing Area

Find a playground for children at Playland, located at Departures level (Airside).  



Other services

- Food, drink and retail concessions
- Nursing rooms
- Luggage storage
- Luggage wrapping
- Showers (in the lounges)
- Lounges
- Duty free stores
- Meeting point
- Toilets
- Car rentals
- Information desks
- Currency exchange
- Lost and found
- Smoking area
- Free Wi-Fi




There are currently a couple of hotels within the airport facilities, called Yotel Air. One is located in airside whilst the other one in landside.



Airport lounges

IGA Lounge: Location: International Terminal, Airside, after passport control. Access fee: €59.00.


Turkish Airlines Lounge Domestic: Location: Domestic Terminal, Landside.

Services: Console games, children’s playground, meeting rooms.


Turkish Airlines Lounge Miles & Smiles: Location: International Terminal, Airside.

Services: Suites, showers, food and drink, cinema, console gaming, children’s playground.


Turkish Airlines Lounge Business: Location: International Departures level.

Services: Museum, showers, couches, food and drink, console gaming and children’s play area.